Doeam (“Holes”, pronounced /’dɔɪɑːm/) is a popular team game that originated in Shaelia. It is considered to be the quintessential “Shaelic” sport, tracing its origins back more than 400 years. It is played by two clubs of six players in opposition. A hole, known as a Trau, approximately dei-braum (≈ 13.3 inches) in diameter at each end of a rectangle court. Teams try to throw or otherwise insert the ašri (ball) through the trau to register ærois (points). A score is known as a Súne (hit).

A match of Doeam consists of five Caum (sequences). The first team to register 28 æroim (points) wins the cau. If the final score would take a team over 28 æroim, then only 28 æroim is awarded. The team with the most accumulated points after the fifth caum is declared the winner of the match. In the event of a points tie, the team winning the most caum wins the match. A point total of 140 is known as a Benaxu (Complete Win/Victory, a “sweep”), and is considered the perfect score in Doeam.

The game is quite fast and includes body contact as the defenders try to stop the attackers from approaching the holes. Most matches are generally very physical and spirited, as fully body contact is allowed inside designated Famiešunejem (physical contact areas) on either side of the playing surface. Any contact from the side or especially from behind is considered dangerous and is usually punished with penalties. If a team accumulates more than seven penalties over the course of a cau, a Penalty Hit is awarded to the opposing team at the border of the physical contact area. One player is known as a Doeamalša (‘hole hater’), whose sole purpose is to defend his club’s trau from attack.

Player Positions – Points awarded for a Súne
1 Doeamalša (Hole Hater) – 1
3 Hoenatam (Bucketmen) – 2
2 Súntium (‘Habitual Hitters’) – 3

The Šaeleaða Baeoa Doearam  (Shaelic Doeam League), also known as the First Union Bank League for sponsorship reasons, or simply The UB League, is the presently the only professional doeam league in the world. It consists of 20 clubs, each playing a double round-robin 38-game regular season schedule.