Professional Soccer League

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Professional Soccer League
Soccer logo.png
Country Flag of Shaelia Shaelia
Confederation CONCACAF
Founded tbd, 1923
Number of teams 18
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to Diza Liga
Domestic cup(s) Cup of the Shaels
International cup(s) CONCACAF Champions League
Current Shaelic Cup tbd (xxx title)
Most Shaelic Cups tbd (xx titles)
TV partners NALO
2018 Ganiliga season

The Professional Soccer League (Shaelic: Jinbaeoa Foetara), since 1997 universally referred to as Ganiliga (pronounced /gɑni'ligɐ/), and known as the Bank of Shaelia National League (Shaelic: Šaegéloda Ganiliga) for sponsorship reasons, is the top professional association football competition in the country. It was founded in 1923 as a ten-club competition for clubs located in Tiorpa and Azalae. As of the 2018 season, its eighteen member clubs average 29,785 spectators per game, making it the top domestic competition in average attendance. Ganiliga also draws just over 9.1 million spectators a season, ranking it only behind JINZX domestically in total attendance. Globally, Ganiliga ranks only behind the Premier League in England and the Bundesliga in Germany, in average attendance for football competitions. It currently ranks 11th in the world in total attendance. There is well-developed league system for football in the country, and at the conclusion of each season one or two clubs are relegated to the Diza Liga and replaced by the top one or two finishing clubs in that league for the following season.




The competition

Regular season

The eighteen clubs in Ganiliga play a 34-game regular season schedule, for a total of 306 games. The season starts in March and runs through October. Each club plays every other club in the table two times (once at home and once on the road). Clubs earn three points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss. Clubs are ranked in the league table by total points earned, then goal difference, and then goals scored. If two or more clubs are still tied on points, then head-to-head record is the determining factor.

The club finishing with the most total points after the 34-game regular season schedule is crowned the Ganiliga Champion (Shaelic: Ganiligada Aviatau, or more commonly by the colloquial form Ganaliavia.

Qualification for CONCACAF competitions

Shaelia is currently allotted three qualifying spots in the CONCACAF Champions League.

  • The Ganiliga champion
  • The Ganiliga second place club
  • The Cup of the Shaels winner. If the winning club has already qualified via Ganiliga, the runner up club is awarded the berth. If the runner-up club has also previously qualified, then the two losing clubs from the Cup of Shaels semi-finals play a one-off match for the third qualifying berth.


The club finishing last in the regular season table is automatically relegated to the Diza Liga for the next season and replaced by the club finishing at the top of that league's regular season table. The club finishing 17th enters the Promotion Playoffs with clubs finishing in the second, third, and fourth spots of the Deiza Liga regular season table. Match-ups are scheduled as follows:

  • Ganiliga #17 hosts Diza Liga #4
  • Diza Liga #2 hosts Diza Liga #3
  • Winners meet for Ganiliga spot


Each season, clubs have the opportunity to earn the following banners, which are often displayed either throughout the club's stadium or in prominent positions at the club's offices.

The Silver Banner

A Silver Banner (Shaelic: Mazidi Niaka) is awarded by the league to any club that manages to win or draw all seventeen home fixtures during the course of the regular season schedule. It is colloquially called a Maka or a Šivi.

The Gold Banner

A Gold Banner (Shaelic: Soeyudu Niaka) is awarded by the league to any club that manages to win (without a single draw or loss) all seventeen home fixtures during the course of the regular season. It is colloquially called a Soeka or a Šivoe.



Salary structure

Media coverage



East Division

Club English Translation City Stadium Capacity Avg. Fans
JF-NNV Sportive Veisbaden Veisbaden, Vaster Konzudu Gušela 60,725 8,647
DTP Harborwatch Sirakusa, Tiorpa Datinajabe 17,800 12,173
SF SuKo Crown Valley F.C. Lat Shaele, Tiorpa Ganeiða Gušela 39,446 14,145
SGS Spanta United Spanta, Tiorpa Saefleda Núviu 15,788 6,249
Pratašela Armory Cathal, Vesica Godaviu 48,880 8,622
Kivadrei Seaside Dragons Visis, Tiorpa BNB 58,560 19,963
Voenrau Royalcloth Baliéla, Tiorpa Zaukaro 15,645 11,005

West Division

Club English Translation City Stadium Capacity Avg. Fans
JF Artytá Artytá F.C. Artytá, Cenedlyser Tesarødá Liaká 26,600 7,890
KLF Lat Fale Spiders Lat Fale, Desh Kírtoða 12,446 4,556
PSM 94 Watchers 94 Arsaebia, Cloes Brxada Gušela 41,335 7,589
Vebrisi Trekald Majestic Vebrisi Vebrisi, Tiorpa KloDaeada Núviu 12,000 6,930
JF Glåkohe Bay City F.C. Jurartytá, Cenedlyser Niovádá Sertosis 14,980 7,136
Vénikoa Venicoa F.C. Vénikoa, Azalae Krízabassoda Gušela 16,642 7,048
BKM Stonehouse Bernonce, Azalae Lavoinaeda Gušela 37,906 11,489


Academy system

Rivalries and derbies